Grand sextile january 27 2020 astrology

Feelings of confusion regarding what you want or what you are trying to accomplish may come up for you during the week or so that this transit is in effect. This transit brings your sense of spirituality, and your ideals, to your desires and actions. You may find that you have new spiritual insights at this time, and also a more disconnected energy than usual, perhaps a sense of confusion in your life.

You are tuning into energy that is essentially beyond this physical plane and your desire nature reflects this otherworldly charge. This is a time when you are you are very aware of other points of view, and also very idealistic in pursuing your own agenda. You may even imagine goals for yourself that are more fanciful than realistic or that may never come to fruition.

With so many different points of view available to you, there is danger that you may lose yourself in all of the possibilities. This can therefore be a very mystifying period for you. It is also likely that outer events will seemingly conspire against your successes during the brief period of time this transit is in effect. It is necessary at this time to focus on what is truly important to you, and to not be discouraged by seeming setbacks, since every turn in the road serves to further your growing consciousness of what is possible, both in the physical realm and beyond it.

Transiting Chiron in strong sextile forming, 1. The energy of your conscious mind illuminates your emotional awareness over these few days. The Moon symbolizes your feelings, your home and family, and your unconscious mind. You are likely to enjoy your relations with your children or loved ones and place renewed emphasis on your home environment during this period. You may also encounter significant female figures in your life. The planetary energies attract each other, require effort, allow entry of new information.

This transit brings the areas of love and relationship, aesthetic sensibility and personal creativity, to the forefront of your emotions today. These areas will be energized and enhanced during the few hours that this transit is in effect. Your mental attitude is one of pleasant possibility and artistic vision for these few days.

It is a great time for desktop publishing work, or any other application for computer graphics. Your communication is also unusually receptive and loving for the period of time this transit is in effect. It may be a time when you want to read for pleasure rather than for reality checks. Or you may connect with siblings or intimate partners in a fruitful manner, during this brief period, with calm discussion and clear messages.

This short period of time is peaceful and loving, especially in the area of communication and mental pursuits, and full of the joy of life. You are more conscious than normally of your will and ego needs during these few days. This transit may also have the effect of increasing your verbal punch, or the energy with which you express your ideas. You may run into conflicts with siblings while this brief transit is in effect. Greater energy is also available for communication in general at this time, and for thinking about your goals for the future.

The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge. This is a stressful time of great internal pressure upon the existing structure of your daily life, as unusually vivid insights or perhaps unexpected events threaten your security and the feeling of status quo.

You may feel frustrated by limitations which seem unnecessary to your present circumstance, and which seem to hold you back from movement towards new paths for yourself. You are forced to reexamine and perhaps discard old outmoded concepts or habitual patterns. Some of your existing structure will have to be maintained in the face of challenge to it, since it forms an important part of your self-concept. You must try not to throw out the baby with the bathwater, as you struggle through the tests of this period of time.

Instead, to dance with the conflict itself is the medicine you require. This is a time to take on the process for the sake of the process, trusting that events will unfold in their own organic way. Things may be a bit confused for a while. Under the influence of this transit, you may meet with situations requiring you to relinquish some of your normal judgment and control. Whatever the events — or perhaps no external events can be specifically named — you may suffer a loss of faith in yourself as a result of this transit.

Sometimes circumstances that are thrust upon us and seem to bode ill, or at least to represent a new and unwelcome departure from the ordinary are in fact operating in our own best interest in the long term. The primary truth being urged upon you at this time is compassion, greater compassion for all of mankind. This transit represents a renewed connection with this most basic part of yourself, your loving and gentle nature.

If you are able to sacrifice your own ego-needs for the moment, without bitterness, you may well in future reap the rewards of greater compassion both for and also from your fellow man. You are particularly receptive to the moods of other people. This transit is symbolic of the ocean of universal oneness with all humanity, dissolver of barriers and limits, is strongly affecting your unconscious and your emotions during this period of time. You may feel an almost psychic receptivity to other people, such as friends and family during this transit. Since you are so receptive to others you are also more forgiving and compassionate with them.

You would do well to set some limits for yourself — doing what you feel is right for you and not what others demand may be difficult at this time. If you do more than you ultimately believe you should, you are making yourself a victim and in the long run you will resent it. This transit is also about illusion. It is important to double-check your feelings against reality from time to time during the period of time this transit is in effect.

Feelings of restlessness and confusion may come up for you during this period of time. You will undoubtedly have new spiritual insights during this period. This transit brings an otherworldly longing to your urge for freedom and spontaneity, and it is likely that you will feel called to find the highest vibration of your own unique expression of yourself in some way.

You are drawn to be more sympathetic to others right now, or perhaps sacrifices are required of you, and these events have the effect of altering your self-concept. You may feel like an important piece of yourself has been taken away, or changed utterly, but remember that chaos always precedes the birth of new life, and that rebirth is in your best interest in the long run, however difficult it may be in the short term.

The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed. You may be experiencing somewhat painful realizations around the issues of communication and your mental abilities. Your communication with others may be changing at this time, and you may discover difficulties in this area, as old issues from the past return to haunt you, or you have to deal with siblings or your friends in a way that seems less easy and more fraught with pain and uncertainty.

Ultimately the higher purpose of these challenges is for you to come to terms with a new way of thinking and being in the world. It may be in this way that you can begin to heal some old issues that have previously plagued you. As you do, you may also be able to share this more holistic vision of your own communication process with your community so that you can have a healing influence on others around you as well.

Your religious philosophy and broad intellectual framework are subject to a certain amount of re-examination now. Painful experiences in these areas could lead you to a new outlook on life. Also during the course of this transit, you may have issues arise related to travel or other methods of broadening your intellectual horizons. If you look deeply within yourself you may be able to find the answer to questions that come up for you at this time, and move closer to a true synthesis of your lower and higher natures.

This synthesis will be as rewarding, in the end, as the experience of getting to it was painful at the time. Then you will be able to use your newfound integration to advantage in sharing your vision for the world with other like-minded individuals, in order to help make that vision a reality for yourself and for society as well. You are drawn to the outward manifestation of your personality that is your public self. At this time career advancements are possible, and the opportunity is there for greater responsibility and commitment.

If you have lived wisely, you will receive the just reward for your efforts; but if you have neglected some areas of life development, you may notice the effects at this time. Your relationship with your parents or with authority figures generally may also be highlighted during this transit. For these two days, you may show a serious and practical side to your personality, or perhaps even an inclination to be ambitious and acquisitive.

You engage more readily in factors of public rather than private life right now, and social status counts with you more than usual. You have a facility for reaching out to the public at this time.

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Your relationship with your parents could also wind up becoming highlighted or with authority figures in general. You might want to beware of trying too hard to achieve your ambitions at the expense of others. This is an excellent time to focus on your ideals for social progress, and how you can best take your part in actualizing them. Group values and your goals generally are emphasized and brought to your conscious awareness and communication.

You may feel pulled to express yourself in the context of group activities rather than personal relationships, and to be more communicative than usual in social settings during the course of this transit. During this period of time, usually lasting about three weeks, you may feel the urge to travel, as you explore the freedom-loving, more philosophical side of your personality. You may incline to restlessness at this time. You also may choose to explore mentally, through study, and never leave the security of your armchair.

In any case, experiences during this transit will make an impression on you, and will provide food for thought as your philosophy of life changes and grows over time.

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This transit is strongest within 1 degree Jun 30, — Aug 18, , exact Jul 1, Group values and your goals generally are emphasized during the course of this transit, lasting about six weeks. This is an excellent time to focus on your ideals for social progress, and how you can take your part in actualizing them.

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At this time you tend to be future-oriented, intellectually motivated and idealistic. You are more enterprising or ambitious than usual, and may be asked to play a greater role in your community or in another organization. During this transit you also may need to work through problems in getting along with social groups you favor. In general, the fruits of your activities in the public sphere will be your focus now, and you will work hard with others to achieve your goals. This transit is strongest within 1 degree Nov 3, — Dec 2, , exact Nov 8, You may find that you are more charming, talkative, and perhaps even more clever than usual at this time.

During this transit, which lasts about one year, the areas of communication and mental process are emphasized in your life. You may find that you are also somewhat scattered under the effects of this transit. Opportunities may be lost through lack of an ability to focus. It is a good time to try to be more conscious and aware of all that is going on around you, to make plans for the future and to communicate them to your friends and loved ones, although being careful not to take on more than is practical to accomplish. This transit is strongest within 1 degree Dec 11, — Mar 21, , exact Dec 20, Jul 2, — Dec 17, , exact Jul 2, R.

The desire for security is very important to you at this time, and you may work hard rearranging or changing your dwelling space. You may also metaphorically experience this alteration at the roots of your very being, getting clear on what motivates you at the deepest level.

This is a broad time for taking that second look at what life seemed to offer, or that it claimed to promise. The answers, in general, will be for the moment that optimism fails — hopes lead to disappointment and a lot of other confusions that result from both unclear desires and fuzzy thinking. This is a roughly yearlong stretch when life for society at large can seem steadier—when what is believed true can appear reliable and the powers that be for the moment either tolerate or co-opt the spiritual world. Thus, it is sometimes a period of seeming spiritual progress. Although this is a universal experience and has little application on any one specific level on a day-to-day basis, it does raise the universal opportunity to make short-term gains out of what others may believe are long-term trends.

There begins an inexorable seven-year build-up of recently-learned harsh truths that actually makes structure out of revolution, but at a price that will only be appreciated afterward. Because of previous breakdowns, much is tolerated that would not otherwise be put up with, all in the name of a new deal, which may be learned from but have to be at least partially undone afterward. The answers, in general, will be for the moment that optimism fails—hopes lead to disappointment and a lot of other confusions that result from both unclear desires and fuzzy thinking.

A planet is considered out of bounds when its declination is beyond the outer bounds or limits of that of the Sun, i. The energies of these planets tend to be a little out of control during these periods. See more dates for Out of Bounds planets here. The Moon is Void of Course from the time of its listed last aspect until the Moon enters a new sign.

To learn more about how to use these tables for timing, see Void Moon Tables and Timing with the Moon. For Pacific Time, subtract 3 hours from the given times. For UT, add 5 hours. Jupiter is retrograde from April 10th to August 11th. Jupiter is direct the remainder of the year. Jupiter is in Sagittarius until December 2nd, , and in Capricorn from December 2nd forward.

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Saturn is in Capricorn all of Read about Saturn in Capricorn. Retrograde until January 6th, , and then from August 11th, , to January 10th, Uranus semi-square Neptune on May 1st, , at 3 Taurus 03 final [first occurred in August , again in October , again in June , and then again in December ]. Neptune semi-square Uranus on May 1st, , at 18 Pisces 03 final [first occurred in August , again in October , again in June , and then again in December ]. An aspect coming into orb at the end of the year is an alignment of Saturn and Pluto, exact on January 12, , and standalone.

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Cafe Astrology. The Sun and the Moon are never retrograde. Mercury is retrograde from March 5 to 28, , in the sign of Pisces. Venus Retrograde in What is Venus Retrograde? Venus does NOT turn retrograde in Neptune despite a trine to itself has been in a quincunx to mars in libra in my 1st house. Starting to move off. Other than menopause issues, it was discovered I have an iron overload condition which is a poison, like Jamie talked about with neptune issues. I also have a tooth needing to be pulled.

Progressed sun heading towards Neptune in my 1st.

I am counting the days to neptune going direct but psychically been told i will feel better probably around when Uranus moves into taurus. Misery loves company? Would like ongoing updates with u both. Sounds like a lot in common!! This may reach you too late. Fortunately I did a ton of research when I first learned about this situation and discussing the radiation with a tech from ComEd, who was equally scared about his exposure. Jeremy Johnson was a Silicon engineer who became electrosensitive. He had to get totally away for a while and quit his job , But since then he has devoted his life to helping others with these problems.

I wish you luck. There are too many unhealthy things that have been pushed onto Americans pharmaceutical drugs, GMO and processed foods, the never-ending search for oil companies to get the last ounce of oil out of the grounds. Unless you research things online carefully, one of more of these things will add to your ill health. At least in , after I was told I would be on Dialysis within 2 years, and going some 6 doctors who were full of shit, I researched into Europe and found I needed to eat organically.

I switched overnight and also began added meditation to my daily prayers for guidance.

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I know, and my lifelong depression disappeared. I have updated this post for Neptune retrograde but will wait a few weeks to put it on the front page. Rather my understanding of the experience is part of the learning curve we transit through. I have read your posts several times throughout the years and find your exquisite fanfare very positive. I just noticed that on June 18th, Neptune gets to its station and is turning retrograde. It is directly above my natal Jupiter. What does that signify? Thank you for the update. I just discovered your site. I like this article!

So additionally, I feel some depression and a sense of failure around not managing well and feeling fairly miserable during these last few days. Otherwise, not a lot happening with any water or mutable signs in close degrees to where Neptune currently is. I am always open to learning more astrology. Thanks for your writing.

Hello Jamie! My natal Neptune is direct and actually at the same degree as my MC — 7 Capricorn. Well, this feeling you has is due to Saturn conjunct Midheaven transit combined with Saturn conjunct Neptune transit. Also read Natal Neptune conjunct Midheaven. I wonder what this could mean. Could it be about being more compassionate and realistic in love? I realize this is about 7 months past the post, but I feel you, Jennifer.

I have all my outer planets retrograde with the exception of Saturn. The spiritual knot so to speak.

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As I soul scan to feel what this has meant for me, I have to say…. I feel almost as if it is my portal to the other side. It keeps me grounded in my faith which is Christianity as well.