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To raise with pride; to make undue pretensions to power, rank or estimation; to elevate too high or above others. To elevate in diction or sentiment; to make sublime; as exalted strains. In physics, to elevate; to purify; to subtilize; to refine; as, to exalt the juices or the qualities of bodies. In pharmacy, the refinement or subtilization of bodies or their qualities and virtues, or the increase of their strength.

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In astrology, the dignity of a planet in which its powers are increased. Raised to a lofty highth; elevated; honored with office or rank; extolled; magnified; refined; dignified; sublime. Elevating; raising to an eminent station; praising; extolling; magnifying; refining. For a complete Scripture study system, try SwordSearcher Bible Software , which includes the unabridged version of this dictionary.

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An abnormal sense of personal well-being, power, or importance, -- a symptom observed in various forms of insanity. All rights reserved.

The Exaltation of the Planets by Dane Rudhyar | Rudhyar Archival Project | Astrological Articles

Exaltation in Astrology The freedom at once from 'living's cares, that is cares of bread,' the pride of being one's own mistress and own protector, all that lifts me into a certain exaltation , 'regardless of expense. Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible The characteristics of the relation of Christ and His Church are indicated, and we may suppose that the whole process of His exaltation from the declaration of His Sonship, by His resurrection, to the grand catastrophe of the final judgment, with all the collateral blessings to the Church and the world, lay before the vision of the inspired prophet.

Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible And his anointing him with the oil of gladness denotes the joy that was set before him so his exaltation is expressed, Heb. Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible After describing his ordination as a Roman Catholic priest, empowered by laying on of hands to celebrate mass, he goes on that he vividly recalls the exaltation of the first months during which I had the power to say Mass. The God Delusion. Related Words Log in or sign up to add your own related words. Wordmap beta Word visualization.

It is exalted in Aries. There is intense desire for selfhood, for personality-integration and radiant power. Then comes Summer. The Sun's desire for completion and creative selfhood has created the Two-in-One, the Moon-Sun couple — which rules over the summer zodiacal signs, Cancer and Leo. There is intense activity realized by this Two-in-One — home-making and creation. And within this activity, yet only as a rather distant and subjective dream, the Jupiter function begins to glow.

It is the desire to expand, to become socially important and successful, to fulfill one's place in the greater Whole of which one comes to recognize oneself as a part. The recognition of oneself as a participant in the social and universal Whole occurs as the Libra phase of the year comes — the Fall equinox, the time of the sowings.

Own Sign, Exaltation, Debilation and Mulatrikona

The individual sees himself then subjectively and longingly as a "Father" of the future, as a civilizes. He dreams of giving birth to his own Christ-child.

What is an “Exaltation Sign”?

Saturn, the seed, is exalted in Libra. It will rule only in Capricorn, when it has acquired the ability to operate concretely and objectively, as a manager of power and of life. The four cardinal signs provide a framework for the entire system of planetary exaltation, and they do so because they represent the four great moments in the to and fro oscillation of the Sun from southern to northern declination.

Mars is exalted at the southern point — the point of descent into matter Christmas ; Jupiter, at the northern point — the symbolic marriage of Heaven and Earth the mystical Feast of St. John when fires are lit in the fields by the peasants celebrating the nuptials of Sun and Soil. Then, at the spring equinox, we find the Sun exalted in the eager ascent of green stems out of the earth, the stems that yearn for the light.

And, at the fall equinox, we see Saturn exalted in the sacrificial descent of the seed, as a promise of immortality. The other planets develop this basic pattern of exaltation. They do so in a way that has become rather confused and full of uncertainty — largely because traditional astrology did not know of planets beyond Saturn.

Today in their effort to find signs of exaltation for the newly discovered planets astrologers seem to have been unable to discover the proper correlations, because they had failed to grasp the significance of the pattern just described. Without attempting to refute any particular scheme of planetary exaltation which has been put forth of late, we shall explain what appears to us as the consistent and logical sequence of planets and signs, claiming however no special authority that would enable us to vouch for its accuracy.

Mars exalted in Capricorn gives the key to the exaltation of planets in the winter signs. Mercury is exalted in Aquarius and Venus in Pisces. These are the two planets within the orbit of the Earth, the planets which refer to the inner, intimate and personal life of the individual. The winter quarter is the period of "exaltation" in the present technical sense for personal values; that is, it is the time when these values operate at the subjective, semi-unconscious level of yearnings, desires and dreams. Winter is the seed's anticipation of spring germination, growth and flowering Aries, Taurus and Gemini, respectively.

During the spring months Mars, Venus and Mercury will be "rulers;" during the winter months they are "exalted.

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Spring begins as the Sun is exalted in Aries — particularly on the 19th or 20th degree of Aries, which can be related to the idea of Easter, the Resurrection. The next exaltation to follow is that of the Moon in Taurus, the sign of impregnation and of fertility, at the instinctive-biological and thus unconscious level. It is the love of adolescents. The Moon function the mothering impulse, the will to bear forth is wrapt in the glamor of feelings Venus, ruler of Taurus and the urge to love is desire which as yet has very little individualized characteristics.

It acquires an individual meaning and pattern in Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon. Then comes Gemini, the sign of "vivid extension of relationship," of the search for new sensations, new contacts, new knowledge. And here we find Uranus exalted, for Uranus is the symbol of "reaching beyond," of the quest for the infinite.

But in Gemini this quest is a subjective yearning, rather than a working reality. It operates in the realm of things near at hand, because the individual is still immature and the wings of his spirit are not full-grown. The Summer quarter begins with Jupiter, exalted in Cancer. Summer is the period of physical personal fruitions; thus the Moon rules Cancer.

Fruitions are experienced within the boundaries of the home where the lunar function works most effectively and objectively. Jupiter refers, on the other hand, to social fruitions. The Moon the matriarch rules the home; Jupiter the king rules society. In Cancer, "kingship," or social power, is only a subjective yearning for the person who is very much occupied with family-problems; thus Jupiter is "exalted" in Cancer. In Leo, Neptune is exalted, because this planet of universal wholeness and of spiritual brotherhood is in' the subjective background of the Leo type, ruled by the Sun.

It has been said that Neptune is a sort of Moon for the Sun; it links the Sun in a curious way with the Galaxy of which the Sun is a small star. It forces the solar being to dream of his greater "home," the galaxy; it urges the "king" to seek inspiration in the "Church. The summer quarter closes with the zodiacal sign, Virgo, at the entrance of which stands the symbolic figure of the Sphynx, the creature that is half-lion and half-Virgin. The Sphynx is the subjective, mystical symbol of Virgo — and to the Sphynx we must associate the goddess of the Mysteries, Proserpina, wife of Pluto.

While Neptune refers to the feeling of the universal Whole, a new planet beyond Pluto will undoubtedly be found to relate to the experience of greater life. Such experience was bestowed upon the Initiate in the ancient Mysteries; but as yet only as a subjective realization. Thus the future planet "Proserpine" will be the logical one to be exalted in Virgo. At the level of objectivity and efficient concrete activity Mercury rules over Virgo.

The critical, technical mind that is necessary for social efficiency fall-winter period is built.

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The exaltation of "Proserpine" leads to that of Saturn in Libra.