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Types Years of Birth Personality Traits Wood Horse , Born leader and decision maker, with rich imagination and penetrating opinions. Fire Horse , Intelligent, passionate, energetic; sensitive to dressing and fashion. Metal Horse , Frank by nature with a ready tongue, sparing no effort to help friends. Horse Zodiac Eminent Personalities. Am a metal horse who recently broke up with my boyfriend who is s dog sign. But he wants us to work through it. He lies alot, he flirts and he also cheated.

Because of my soft heart I feel so sorry for him but I really dont want to go back because I was so unhappy with him.

What should I do? Am just alittle confuse. Will I ever find true love. Am now Of course you will find true love. According to your situation, you are suggested to give up and start a new life. You deserve better person. Asked by d from UK Sep. I've not been lucky in love yet.

Personality and characteristics

I've considered cutting love off the list interlay and focusing on other things. After meeting this goat I feel happy. Do you think we may be happy together for a long time. I would like to get married in my life time. When do you think that may happen for me if at all. Thank you in advance for taking the time to write back to me.

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Yes, you should follow your heart and pursue your happiness. Both of you are dynamic and outgoing.

2019 Animal Sign Forecast: HORSE [Joey Yap]

You two can lead a harmonious life. Is lucky for the horse? Your love life is sure to be passionate and exciting this year. You are the one that will need to make the exciting changes in your relationship this year. If you want something from your partner, then you need to let them know directly.

Love predictions

Dropping hints might not cut it. If you are currently single, then this is a good year to try to date someone, unlike anyone that you have dated before. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. If you are single, then obviously the people that you have dated before are not right for you. Finding different kinds of people to date can let you know what you like in a relationship. Or you may get lucky and find the right kind of person. Will the horse get married in ? Or will the year of the horse have a baby in ? Going on trips with your friends and family can also be a source of joy for you in There are likely to be changes that are out of your control within your social circle as well his year.

Be patient with these changes and things will work out at the end of this Chinese New year Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Horse prediction shows that this year you are sure to advance in your career one way or another. First, you will need to do something to deserve this upgrade. Work your hardest. Suggest new projects to your superiors that will help you to show off some of your natural talents.

You will still have some problems advancing at work if you do not learn how to work with your coworkers better. While this can also help them, this skill can also make you shine at the workplace in the year of the rat. The Horse man in love: The Horse man loves passionately and is good at attracting romance To understand a Horse man you need to be nearly psychic yourself. The Horse man loves tender love games Learn more about the Horse in relationships!

Horses are best of all the signs at making money in a self-employed situation.

Year of the Horse, , , , Chinese Zodiac Horse

They have their own work rhythm and ideas about how to best achieve success. They are quick to invest money in their companies and their projects. They want the best of everything and they love to travel -- building a nest egg is just not their forte. They will also spend money on appearances to be elegant.