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Your schedule, diet, exercise regime or lack thereof all need to be revised. If you are usually disorganized then now is the ideal time to bring order to chaos. Diaries, planners, calendars, filing systems and pocket organizers can all be useful during this phase. Your co-workers can play a vital role in helping you establish a new regime. You may also benefit from a big spring clean of your office, home, car or any other area of your life that needs attention.

If you have been eating unhealthy food or overeating then now is a good moment to change your diet. You could consult a dietician or rely on your own resources. You also need to focus on your daily exercise. Are you getting enough exercise or are you overdoing things? Perhaps you could start a new and enjoyable activity or sports or maybe meditation or yoga would be beneficial? The emphasis is on making sure that your daily routine supports your goals in life. For this reason you may also start reconsidering your current work schedule with a view to changing jobs.

BY Celeste Teal

You are not necessarily interested in a new career direction, but you may become keen to change jobs or employers. If you work in your own business then you may change your venue to something more suitable to your lifestyle. For instance you may move your office closer to your home, or you may move your business to a more beneficial location. No matter what the focus of your life is during this phase, you need to make sure that you are moving forward in a healthy and balanced lifestyle, one that benefits your life goals.

The sign of your progressed Moon will also show you the area of your life most likely to be affected by this new schedule! If you have been favoring one over the other, then this could be a challenging time. You need to change your schedule so that you are supporting both your career and family. Perhaps you have been working long hours trying to further your professional ambitions.

Now circumstances urge you to slow down and pay attention to your family. If you are single then you may start searching for someone to share your life, perhaps even planning the birth of a child. If you are married and a parent, then you need to spend more time at home. Perhaps your house needs some renovations, or perhaps you make plans to move to a new home. On the other hand if you have been spending a lot of time at home, then you now have the opportunity to advance your career goals.

It is time to step out into the workforce and establish your reputation. Right now you have the opportunity to change your schedule to lead a more balance life. You are able to focus on your goals while also compromising with colleagues and loved ones.

Others appreciate your ability to co-operate and are willing to support your aspirations. New doors open now and you appreciate the stimulation of new relationships and opportunities. This is an ideal time for taking stock of all aspects of your life and making the necessary adjustments so that you experience a renewed sense of vitality and purpose. You feel as if all of your dreams and wishes are coming true now. In some ways you are correct. Life is full of many rewards right now. However, you need to make choices rather than try to take on every opportunity that comes your way.

If you are not careful you may well overindulge and overestimate your own abilities. As a result your life may become imbalanced. You need to make sure that you do not neglect one area of your life as you pursue your own goals. You need to balance your home, family, work and marriage, with your own interests and appetites. The problem is that you are currently going through a somewhat egotistical stage.

On the positive side you are eager to achieve your goals and are quite capable of doing so. Gifts, rewards and awards may well come your way.


You may also attract warm wishes and gifts from friends, lovers, colleagues and family members. However, if you are not careful you squander your opportunities by taking things or people for granted. As a result you over-commit yourself, neglect loved ones and run out of energy. A time of short-term excess can result in loss of all that is meaningful. If you can slow down and appreciate the gifts and those who give then you are most likely to gain some enduring benefits.

However, if you remain self-righteous and continue to indulge your every whim then you could fritter away this period of your life. Right now is not the time to push. If you are married, you may need to be particularly understanding of your spouse. You need to move ahead slowly and patiently in order to reap rewards later. You need to ensure that all is stable, paying close attention to the details of your life.

Are your loved ones feeling secure? Are there any areas of your life that need greater security? If so, then you need to slowly and surely work towards creating greater strength. It is not a time to give in to your impulses, but rather one of employing sensible strategies. You may find yourself in situations that require you to control your emotions, rather than express them.

You may feel frustrated, but you need to be patient and tolerant. You may rearrange your home or workplace, perhaps renovating, restructuring or moving premises. At times you feel that you are alone, but this will pass.

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The more that you can strengthen and stabilize all areas of your life right now, the more rewards you will reap in the future. Some events may seem to be very upsetting and yet contrarily also very healing. Dreams, meditation and creative visualisation can be very powerful right now. It is important that you take time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and to listen to your intuition. If you can take time to reflect and nurture yourself then you are likely to reap large rewards.

These rewards are unlikely to be monetary. They are more likely to be of an emotional or spiritual nature.

Progressions Explained

For instance you may feel a soothing awareness that you have been able to let go of past hurts and have rejuvenated your sense of purpose. On the other hand you may develop a deep appreciation of your existing lifestyle and relationships. It seems as though your attempts to interact are frustrated and you are not sure why.

This is also true for new projects and anything that involves the exchange of information. You are being forced, whether you like it or not, to change the way in which you approach projects and people. Therefore this is the ideal time to undertake any activity that focuses on improving verbal or written communications.

Marketing, sales, business and intellectual activities can benefit from extra curricular training. Projects that require mental agility or concentration are advanced through a little extra effort. You may like to start a training course, take up a teaching position, or start a writing project. This may cause a little tension in your professional and personal associations, but nevertheless you are keen to improve your skills.

Arguments with colleagues and loved ones may erupt from time to time, but you have the tenacity to continue to work at exchanges. It is important that you aim to keep your interactions as calm as possible, avoiding heated arguments. During this phase you are likely to learn when to retreat and when to calmly state your case.

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Right now you have the chance to improve your network of associates, learn new skills and apply them to your daily life with a little patience and persistence. So use this time to gain new meaning in your life, and perhaps enlist the extra support of those you trust. If you have been waiting for something to change then you are likely to welcome this opportunity to move forward in your life.

A new job, new relationship, sale or purchase of a house or the birth of a child are just a few of the transformations that may occur. This can be an exciting and refreshing time. If you are married you may rekindle feelings of love and togetherness. It's time to create tender moments. If you are single, you may fall in love with someone, either an old flame or someone new. Your powers of attraction are strong right now, so be sure to use your influence well.

Astrology-The Progressed Chart

You and your loved one are quite starry-eyed, so relax and enjoy sharing intimate and loving occasions. Affection and pleasure are the name of the game. These changes are likely to be occurring in your family and home life. You may even move house during this period. On the other hand the changes may be taking place within. However, these changes are manifesting in your life, your perceptions are unlikely to be correct right now. You would be well advised to think before you speak. It is far better to take some time to carefully consider your words and actions until you are feeling more secure.

If you are already married then you are keen to spend time with your spouse, making plans together and enjoying joint activities. You feel the urge for more romance and quality time. If your spouse does not respond to your needs at this time, you may become moody and troubled to the point of reconsidering your commitment. On the other hand if you are able to communicate well with a responsive spouse then you are likely to thoroughly enjoy this period of togetherness.

If you are single, then you may meet someone significant now. You are certainly looking for someone to share your life. Business partnerships also come under close scrutiny now. You are keen to ensure that your business partnerships are as productive as possible. Therefore you are likely to focus on making changes to any existing contracts, perhaps even ending an unproductive arrangement.

This could involve legal proceedings. It is also possible that you consider a formal business partnership now. You have plenty of energy for gathering the relevant facts and figures, discussing possibilities and seeking the legal advice necessary before signing any formal agreement. You are likely to reassess your agreements with any existing marriage and business partnerships. Perhaps you have been spending a lot of time at work lately and now you realize that you need to spend more time with your spouse. On the other hand you may simply feel the urge to form a closer bond to your loved one.

In some cases you may feel restless, eager for change in your marriage but powerless to instigate changes that more truly reflect your needs. If this is the case then you are likely to seriously reconsider your marriage contract. You need to communicate the depth of your feelings to your loved one. Counseling may also be beneficial before you make any major life changing decisions. If you are not married then you are likely to start searching for a suitable partner. Life as a single person is no longer as appealing and you are keen to form an intimate relationship.

Sharing your life with someone else becomes a goal. The sign of your Progressed Moon highlights the manner in which you are likely to seek new partnerships. If your Progressed Moon is in a Fire or Air sign then you are likely to want to expand your horizons through your relationships, seeking adventure and inspiration. If your Progressed Moon is in an Earth or Water sign then you are more likely to be seeking comfort and emotional satisfaction through your interactions. This can apply to career moves, relationships or any dream that you have been avoiding through lack of courage or simply inertia.

If you have been in a rut then the time is ripe to overcome your fears and achieve your ambitions. This may involve confronting a difficult situation, but right now you have the audacity to tackle just about anything. If you are a naturally cautious person then this is an ideal time to really strike out independently. However, if you are usually rash and independent then you may need to reconsider your actions in the light of other people.

It is important that you enlist the help of others where possible, rather than alienating them. However, if you need to stand up for yourself then right now you are able to move forward. You may take on a leadership role, run your own business or make moves to work more independently. You have plenty of energy and benefit from sports or activities that require exertion.

The Moon in Capricorn From 23 Nov Now is the time to consolidate on your aspirations of the past couple of years. In recent years you have been expanding your horizons through academic study, private research or travel. Perhaps you have been challenging the restrictions in your life and feeling restless. Now it is time to settle down, take stock of the positive aspects of your life and consolidate these. Stability and reliability now become the focus of your life. Gradually you become aware of all that you have built in your life and realise that it is time for a review.

You slow down, reassess and re-organise your financial and material goals in life. You feel an urge to become more prosperous, or to find ways in which to become wealthy. This is true whether you have always been carefree or very cautious. If you have focussed on spiritual aspirations and left monetary considerations in the lap of the Gods then slowly you will reassess this approach.

It is time to take stock of past decisions and forge a new future. You can establish a good reputation at work, as well as being appreciated by your family members. You enjoy your occupation and are popular in the workplace. Progressed Venus conjunct natal Sun is a strong one about love or progressed Sun conjunt natal Venus. I also wonder about my relationship Mars is the ruler of this house in Aries. Also my mercury is there and his progressed mars is almost exactly on top of it His natal Uranus is exactly on my progressed Venus , not sure what that means..

Not sure if I pulled my chart correctly, progressions is new to me. Also I have a lot of aspects in the 7th! Maybe I'll have a snuggie for the winter. Attached Images sun. I have seen lots of prog Sun conjunct Venus and vice versa and in all cases the person has met someone but in very few cases I have seen it mean marriage. I too would really love to know when I'll be getting married and I'm constantly scrutinizing up coming transits and progressions, and tend to interpret everything as a possible indicator of marriage, lol!

I can't be very objective about my own chart unfortunately, I see what I want to see. However I posted a thread on the Vedic section of this forum and they were very helpful, I think Vedic astrology is better than western astrology for predicting events, so try posting something there, maybe they can help you out? Attached Images My Own Chart. Originally Posted by Teb. Originally Posted by Celeste. Last edited by astrologer50; at PM. Originally Posted by astrologer What is rather noticeable is Transiting Neptune going over your Asc. Exact in March this year, IF your time of birth is correct There are two 'sticky' thread at the top explaining, exploring progressions for everyone to study and learn from.

Well I have been a bit bored. Hadn't really changed my personal appearance. How long does the transit last? Hi have a look at this, I shared this before on this forum. But one more time for you Hello Here are some pointers for marital indicators. Will start with progressions because all major events happen with progressed to natal planets the good, the bad and the ugly.

As far as marriage look to see if the ruler of the 7th house is activated and planets in the 7th if you have any. Also being a woman generally the Sun and or Mars may also be activated by progression and or transits by outer planets because they tend to be active so long they also act as progressions.


Once I was with a jerk who I loved dearly he had marriage aspects I had Progressed Venus square Pluto by the way he was a Scorpio with 3 natal planets in scorpio as well I thought that was a adjustment aspect for me where it was a heartbreak because he was cheating got married on me and I didn't find out until later.

He even tried to come back several times after I found out. Sometimes squares and oppositions bring about marriage too. Generally issues have to be worked out when that happens. Look at how Venus is aspected as well. Some people get married when Venus is not activated and generally they marry out of security especially if Saturn is involved. The progressed Moon can act as a timer as well and also the ruler of 9th house because you have to get license as well.

I hope this helps. My first marriage was predicted in my first astro-reading when I was 33 as 42nd year to meet "soul-mate" which turned out to be my progressed moon and my future wife astrologer's both progressed moons in 7th. She died last year in my 74th year. Her progressed moon is in the 5th for 2 more years and mine the 6th, to enter the 7th before Feb. Does that suggest my need to take care of business in preparation?

I'm an amateur astrologer, don't know what source s to tap for reading progressions. I'm seeking advice on my work so far and how to learn what I need for interpreting progressed charts. I'm popular on dating websites, but finding liberated women my natural choice as more fully developed personalities restrictively particular about what they want. How can I be quite sure? It's not necessarily a bad thing, cool down!!! Venus and Moon , lover and wife, also lords of my 7th continuing in Taurus, are also meeting this year.

Is there love and passion or it's just a reasonable commitment o? Sounds passionate ok, but love really? Saturn and Uranus are lords of my 5th house, house of love isn't it? Solar return - Venus conjuncting Mars respectively lords of my 1st and 7th house, sextile on the natal chart - RS 5th house on he natal 7th house - Jupiter, Aries and in the 7th house on my natal chart is in the 11th - RS Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury are all aspecting exactly with not any orb my Venus. Well, that's enough I guess. Though, if you have some insights or comments please tell me And if you want some further details about my methodology, you can also tell me!!!

Attached Images samb. PNG I don't remember when I posted the original question on this thread, but I'm not feeling the need to consult with progressions and other fateful stars at this point: Because I've been developing the love I found thru a dating-over website with amazing ease--and hugely reinforced by composite relationship astrology, the only method simple enough to act as a helpful guide to me and my new sweetheart at 74 I robbed the cradle: she's only After 4 months it's only the glacial forces of financial realities in California, along with my daughter's continued suffering and dependence that can keep us from culminating in a marriage for our ages.

And we're both too amazed by our luck in finding each other to not put every effort necessary into making this a relationship for our lifetimes. Originally Posted by pluto Originally Posted by BobZemco. A lot of people seem to have problems understanding progressions. The progressed Planets are nothing more than very very slow moving transits. Progressions are very internal in nature, meaning they're more likely to affect you mentally than physically.

That doesn't mean progressions don't affect you physically, they can, for example a Planet progressing into the 6th House or the 6th House Ruler progressing into the 8th or 12th House or into certain aspects with the rulers of the 6th, 8th or 12th Houses can signify an illness. Progressions are something you do maybe once in your life, and one of the best ways to do that is to write them down. My Venus was in someone's 8th house. Sun to Sun aspects in synastry bode very well for the overall compatibility of two individuals. His Orcus 75 her Sun. Aphrodite and Ares or Venus and Mars had an illicit relationship throughout Venus's marriage, before her divorce and subsequent marriage to Mars.

Because of this, synastry contacts involving any of these three planets should be as close to exact as possible within one degree for them to be considered. You attract sexy people. Good news is that I have Moon Sextile Neptune, Jupiter, and Pluto, and would love to read more about those positive aspects.

You will appreciate then the indepth analysis that we do to determine if it is really worth bringing two people together, or in the case of two people who have already made their decision, how much of a degree of their marriage would be in harmony and how much might be somewhat challenging. This can have an impact on our experiences during that period of time.

But the aim of this article is to show what astrological factors govern situations of divorce. Johnny may have felt his individuality and independence were stifled by Vanessa, so the relationship may have made him feel trapped. Transits and progressions to one's chart bring that planets energy to the chart. The challenges of going deeper in a relationship - or leaving it behind - are reflected by astrological transits and progressions.

Progressed Venus in Astrology Progressed Venus moves just a little faster than the progressed Sun, so a little over one degree per year, and shows how the way you show love evolves as you mature. This is a question looming in the minds of most astrologers researching synastry. Then again there are other aspects that can further weaken this challenging aspect too. Progressed Moon will form an aspect with Pluto lasting for months at most.

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But just 9 days ago on February 5, , the couple announced they were separating and Tom Cruise filed for divorce. Can astrology predict when a marriage or relationship may go sour or experience difficulty? Can the astrologer foresee divorce? For this question, I have to say, in most cases, yes. If you think I have missed or overlooked anything then, do not forget to comment below.

Sworn oaths. These days it takes less time to get divorced than to get married. What happen in the moment of relations break from astrological point of view. Many would expect that having natal Saturn in the 7th house is the worst position for marriage. An authority on law. It feels worse because it is love that most people want in this life, and you are deprived of that for some time. Talk about incompatibility! When you master Magi Astrology, you can actually understand the reasons for their incompatibility.

Natal aspects, by transit, or solar return. So, there's their synastry. No one wants to think of it, no one wants to talk about it, and no one wants to even acknowledge it half of the time. With the square aspect of Juno to the Mid-Heaven, there would tend to be extra stress in marriage that requires constant adjustment and re-adjustment. Any planet placements in the synastry chart overlay will come into play here in a divorce situation. Paula's Venus is When Chiron is prominent in a synastry, particularly if it makes conjunctions to relationship planets or hits an angle, both people are drawn into the relationship because the healing vibe is strong for both parties.

The vertex is a theoretical point in the heavens where the ecliptic-the apparent orbit of the Sun around the earth-crosses the prime vertical-the plane that runs at right angles to the meridian and divides the celestial sphere from front to back. When describing synastry, most astrological textbooks stress the importance of strong Sun-Moon ties between couples. When you look for synastry between lovers, you need to take into account the aspects between Venuses, Moons and Suns. Venus aspects describe your relationships in a general sense more than you might think. Liking a masculine partner.

If you see one of these 10 aspects in a synastry chart you can safely. Venus square Pluto is very nasty. What are your reasons to break up with your boyfriend? Is the breakup justifiable? Comment below and let our readers decide if the breakup is reasonable or harsh. Now we will discuss some basic principles to determine the type of spouse and spouse characteristics in vedic astrology. Uranus contacts are not considered a steady feature in synastry, but in reality, it comes down to how powerful the aspect is in the chart.

That is how strong and binding this aspect is within a relationship. As we all know, Astrology is a fascinating tool that you can use to improve the quality of your love life. In this article we consider the aspects, which Sun of one of the partners creates with the planets of the other. You are both on the same page basically. Another thing to consider is the individual horoscopes as well as the synastry and composite charts between the two people being analyzed for potential divorce or break up.

You can increase your knowledge about your birth chart with a detailed and complete astrological report. North Node Conjunctions. When we delve in to various sources of information seeking answers to this question, we often find piece-meal answers centered on one or few aspects across various articles, books or blogs.

Venus is the general significator for love and relationships in a natal horoscope. If that is true, then for us, Pallas in aspect to Jupiter and Uranus seems to describe our work perfectly. Minor aspects manifest near exactness. Astrologers generally consider, even in modern times, that the characteristics of the natal Sun will usually be more obviously expressed and visible in the life of a man than a woman. The aspect Biquintile between Neptune and Venus in Synastry Horoscope is a weak aspect, which is perhaps beneficial but contributes very little to the issues described by the planets or points below.

Saturn aspects in synastry usually are considered to be bad. In the natal chart, the planets involved in the Quintile aspect often describe personal talents and qualities for which we become known - Hitler had a Mars-Pluto Quintile; Marilyn Monroe had a Venus-Neptune Quintile. A few days ago I wrote about the Venus-Saturn synastry in the Petraeus affair.

Mercury is the closest to the Sun and the fastest, bears the name of the god of trade, travel, and communications. It wants us to teach a lesson where it sits, if it is sitting in 7th house it means he wants the person to mature about relationship things. In astrology, an "aspect" is a geometric relationship between two planets. Another reason for divorce is planet Sun in the 7th house.

Watch out for sudden, unexpected losses when Uranus is in the eighth house, like a spouse who suddenly files for divorce or an unexpected tax audit. Venus in the ninth house enjoys being in love but also values your freedom and independence. They talk about it in terms of commitment and security, but I think they overlook the fact that so many marriages are unhappy and end in divorce.

I do however have an affinity for anyone that adopts children I think it is one of the most selfless acts a person can do. If seventh house or seventh lord afflicted by Saturn then, the person need to marry after age